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SKIRT FLIRT....(Burgard 2020)

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Tall Bearded.
People have been asking for this one for quite awhile, so here she is.
FYI, this is NOT a perfect specimen, it has plenty of faults. From poor bud count to not great branching, stalk height varying quiet a bit, & hard to set a pod.
That being said, she is priced accordingly, & looks great in the garden.
Standards are pale yellow with violet blue veining radiating up. Falls are wide, round, and over lapping, in a stunning ruffled violet blue that stay fairly horizontal. The beards, what can I say....they are big fuzzy catapillars! They start in the throat a bronze mustard color and gradually change to a complimentry blue at the tips.

Also has purple based folage.

Your Price:$16.00